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The “No-feature” – a feature to be proud of

by | Sep 28, 2020 | Business, Marketing

When looking at the competition, it is easy to see all their features and say, “We need to implement that as well,” especially when they come out with a new cool feature.

The same thing goes for internal findings. If an engineer at your company comes up with a new cool feature to implement, it is hard to say no. And it is even more challenging if the feature is based on a recent hot technology or a way of thinking.

As you probably know by now, more features are not often the right way to go.


So I would suggest that instead of just saying no to a feature or implementing it, add it as a “no-feature.” Make a list of features you proudly haven’t implemented. The reason may wary, some might be because you need to focus on other things, but most of the features are features you haven’t added because you don’t want to. Features you don’t want to add because they are not making the product better for your target group. These features are real “no-features,” and you should be proud to show them to your customers.


“We don’t offer X, Y, and Z, but we offer THIS”